Saturday, March 14, 2009

How did I find my way to online communities?

This question was a SQOTD at CroppinParadise

so thought I would share my answer.

How did you find your way to online scrapbooking communities?
How did you find your way here to CP?
How has your participation in online communities effected your life?

Wow where do I start, the online community has made such a big difference in my life. I have developed as a scrapper, thru classes challenges and have friendships that will last a lifetime. I am recently going through some hardship, since loosing my job a week ago, and I have gotten some mail from those friends, phone calls, emails, Pm's (they do me)

I was board one day and I Google searched Wisconsin scrappers, and I came across a message board ran by my good friend(now) Angi this was about 3 years ago I had never even seen a MB before. I participated on there, got to know the girls, then Angi talked me into going to Wisconsin scrappers weekend crop a little hesitant, I had never been to a crop, I had never meet anyone before, would be going alone and it was a 4 hr drive and 125 dollars. I went and had a awesome weekend. I am still friends with most of these great ladies and usually see them twice a year.

Then I eventually found other forums mostly through my on line friends either in there siggies or by word of mouth.
Last summer I meet 25 girls from another site, ladies flew in from Germany, California, Texas, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, AZ it was incredible
Then at the last weekend crop I went to I was talking to my friend who is a DT and she encouraged me to go for it.
So she told me about this pub blog and calendar
I wanted to find something new or small so I watched. I found Jakes ad and the rest as they say is History (in the making)
So as I tell my hubby every time he says I have been on the computer "I Love my Computer, all my friends live there"

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