Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crazy 2011

Wow This year has been quit an adventure for the Anderson's. I have done a little creating in the past months but not alot to busy with Life.
I had back surgery in March a 2 level fusion added to my current fusion so I have 4 level fusion now. Dr Pinto at Mn Spine is an amazing surgery and my recovery has been great. I started a home base business selling purses by Miche check out my web page
They found a cyst on my daughters ovary in Feb, she had it removed in March, and it turn out to be a mucinous carcinoma, yes my 25 yo daughter was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, This changes your life in an instant. She has 2 surgeries and 3 of 6 chemo treatments, she is staying positive, most days, and determined to beat cancer!!!! When the chemo is completed she will be done with her treatment, they feel all the cancer was contained in the cyst.
I am glad that I am off during the summer so I have been able to be there for her through all of this! On July 2, she got married to a wonderful man, my son in law Dario. This was an amazing celebration of love and life. Three days prior to the wedding her hair did fall out s we scrambled for a perfect wig. My mom feel and broke her arm so I have been taking care of them and there home, in the mist of all of this they got an opportunity to move to a senior appartment, they have been on the waiting list for 5 years. I am happy to have them there.
I hope life has been good for you and sorry for not being on lately.

Here are some photos of the wedding