Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Queen of Paradise Island Challenge!

You are suddenly stranded on a beautiful island paradise when your scrapping vacation cruise ship sinks unexpectedly…
you may not have saved your clothes, but you managed to save your scrap supplies!
You decide you love it in Paradise and never want to leave… but there is a tribe of natives who would rather you go. They become intrigued by your luxurious pattern papers and your guillotine style paper trimmers and decide that ONE member of your cruiseship party may stay and become their Queen…

Come join us at Croppin Paradise for our annual summer scrapping survivor-style challenge! There will be 4 big winners, including one Queen of Paradise! Scrap your way through our challenges, win immunity, risk being voted off the island, make some new friends and maybe even win the crown!
The first challenge will be issued on July 31st!

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Travis is Married

Yesterday out neighbor and my second son :) Travis got Married to a great girl and a beautiful Bride, Belinda they make a great pair and I am sure they will have a great future together. Here are some pictures and a picture of the gift I made them. The whole family and there "friends" were actually there. Tyler was able to get a Saturday off. It was a beautiful day to get married outside in a park in Star Praire, Wi.
Picture frame I made for them


Mother of the Groom
Father of the Bride

Beautiful day to get married

Beautiful park
Mr and Mrs

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A few things about this lucky Tuesday!!!Ok First I recieved a job offer and I accepted It!!I am so excited to be a new employee at School District 622 in Oakdale MNI will be the school Nurse for North High School, I am excited to be a school nurse again. I am looking forward to being a part of the community. Here is there website http://northhighschool.webaloo.com/default.aspx

Tyler, he saved a girl from drowning, he was tubing down the river in Eau Claire, with his buddies, they meet a group of girls and were tubing together, most of the day. One of the girls that was a little too intoxicated, she fell off her tube. She didn't surface, so Tyler dove off his tube, she was on the bottom of the river so he brought her to the surface, she was still breathing but motionless. He swam her to the shore, and she's ended upfine.
He's a hero YAY wow. He is also thankful for being a boyscout and learning to rescue swim :)

Nicole had a interview today for a long term sub ay Osceola Middle School it went well.Doug/DH is feeling left out he had no lucky episodes today lol :)