Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

Hope 2010 was good and 2011 will be even better.
We went dress shopping and yes she found the one

I had a great holiday, even though the weather was terrible, we did manage to get to my sisters house 300 miles away. Its so fun to be around my sister and her family, we made a favorite recipe of Grandma Fogerty's Pigs in the Blanket.

Got to spend time with my great nieces and nephew.
I got some awesome gifts this year, I think my family was paying attention to all my little hints this year.
Back to work today, I think we have 2 weeks before another 1 day break.
2011 will bring alot of changes and celebrations for my family. In April I and my dear hubby will turn 50! When I turn 50, my mom will be 75, me 50, and my daughter 25, seperated by quarters.
In July we will be adding a son-in-law to ur family, Nicole is getting married on the second.
In Sept Tyler will have his golden birthday on the 24th, and we will celebrate 30 years of marriage.
Hope 2011 is good for you.
TATA for now!!!

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